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Why Your Business Needs Strong Trust Heuristics

By using this process, you can prevent other problems from occurring.

The Trust Algorithm and Other Rules of Thumb

Building company culture and strong teams starts with one simple component — trust. To better understand this concept of building trust, a business owner must be able to convert a person’s energy into an economic value. At Performentor, we like to call that “people science” and are endlessly curious about how people work and perform as individuals and in groups.

What is Trust Heuristics

Heuristics is defined as a method or process. Put together, it literally means the process to build trust in an organization. If an organization lacks trust among its members, then how does anyone rely on anyone else to do what they say they are going to do? It’s critical that you as a business owner or leader seek to immediately build trust (it starts in the hiring process) and continues for the length of the professional engagement.

Accountability = Authority = Capability

Unleashing your business’s potential starts with an organizational trust algorithm rooted in how people think, interact and perform on an individual and group level. While that may sound difficult and bring back dreadful memories from high school algebra, it is a rather simple principle based on the complex idea of human behavior. Think of it this way: your business is ever-changing which means to maximize trust in the work environment, you have to make sure all behavioral dynamics are in sync.

If you have accountability (ability to be held responsible), along with authority (power to expand) and capability (ability to complete required work), then you have the potential to utilize the individuals in your company to the best of their ability. The trust algorithm works when each of these variables are in sync, and you’re able to convert the concepts into concrete observations and actions.

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There are 34 Trust Heuristics (rules of thumb) to reframe how we think about people and business. These heuristics inform how we work with our clients and each other. To learn more about these heuristics, download our helpful booklets (2 of 3 now published) by filling out the simple form below. Also gain more insights by visiting our Heuristics & People Science Channel on Youtube.

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