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Transcript – Heuristic Podcast with Tobi Walter

Below is the transcript of the Trust Heuristic Podcast with Tobi Walter about human nature and incentives. You can find the video podcast here on Youtube. Alicia Parr: Hi, this is Alicia Parr with Performentor and another Heuristic podcast. Today we’re talking to Tobi Walter. Tobi is a venture capitalist with Co-Founders Capital, and he’s

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Family Friendly Benefits - will help save you the turnover cost

Family Friendly Benefits and Why They Matter

If you haven’t seen the turnover rate on companies that have bad benefits, you might want to read this. How can businesses become friendlier? We are not talking about greeting customers with a smile, offering free samples or saying “thank you.” We are referring to businesses implementing benefits, practices and policies that support employees to

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