Entrepreneurs, Freedom, and Growth

Are you an entrepreneur? I am. I love freedom. Don’t you?

That’s why we entrepreneurs start our own thing.

We want to chart our own course. We want to do it our way– a better way. We want…freedom. Why else would we go to all this trouble and introduce risk to our lives? So we start a business. 

And then we have freedom.

We are liberated from others dictating what we do and how we do it.  But are we truly free? Yes…and no. We are free until we aren’t. 

No boss anymore, right? Wrong. 

The customers are the boss. The market is the boss. Your team and their needs…well, they aren’t technically your boss, but you are obliged to respond unless you are good with the negative consequences of ignoring those needs. If you thought entrepreneurial ventures are a fast track to liberty, you will be shocked at the amount of things you are accountable for to other people.

What an ugly surprise to discover that the impulse to cast off unnecessary constraints can lead us to a place of overwork, reactivity, and energy depletion. Yes, the work is worth it. We want to accomplish the BIG PURPOSE we care about.  To a point. Are you at that point?

You aren’t alone.

These days, we have peer groups, coaches, masterminds, business consultants, and advisory boards. Remember that your freedom and your energy are your responsibility. If you don’t fuel yourself with the feelings of liberty, you crave, you’ll sacrifice your mission.

Freedom is positive sum.

Freedom, as it turns out, is most sustainable when we spread it. We create it, rather than carve it out. We give it, rather than take it. We can grow it by building people systems that create freedom. Build people systems that liberate yours and your peoples’ energies. That’s how we win.

Unleash your freedom. Build systemic liberty.

How? That’s a tale for another day. Want high performance and unleash your freedom? We can help. Give us a call.

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