Non-profit Organizations - Small to Mid-sized

Non-profit organizations, whether micro, small, or mid-sized – they're in a league of their own. Their focus? Social good, benefitting society. But like any organization, they're powered by people, and when you have people, you have HR needs.

Non-profit leaders face challenges similar to their for-profit counterparts. Growing their impact, scaling up – these are big drivers for them and their teams. The mission? The same principles, different playground. It's all about making a bigger difference.

Common HR Themes.

We understand the unique landscape of non-profits. Leaders in these non-profits often wear the HR hat. It could be the Executive Director, the COO, or even the accounting team. They could really use a reliable partner for those tricky people issues. Someone to ease the stress and boost team support. That’d be a game changer.

Non profit leaders and HR experts are in frequent touch with the Board of Directors, guiding the Executive Director through people-focused decisions. They’ve got to keep up with non-profit regulations, manage 403(b) plans, and ensure compliance. And the benefits? They need to be just right – fitting non-profit needs and keeping up credentials.

How We Can Help.

Fractional Stacks. A great solution for non-profits, our Fractional Stacks offer specific HR solutions and focus areas that can vary from organization to organization. Maybe your compliance game is strong, your mission’s clear, but you’re grappling with staffing, onboarding, or keeping valuable staff on a tight budget. Our stacks are designed to fit these unique needs, providing just the right HR support for your organization.

Prepaid Hours. Ideal for fluctuating needs. It’s like having an HR safety net. Whether it’s unexpected employee issues, strategizing with the Board of Directors, or keeping up with labor laws for remote workers, prepaid hours are there for you. They offer flexibility and peace of mind, ensuring you’re always compliant and aligned with your non-profit status.

Projects. Custom-made for non-profits. Maybe it’s time to update that old handbook or undertake a forward-thinking HR immersion. Our projects assess the overall health of your organization and pinpoint key areas to focus on in the coming years. They’re about planning ahead, tailored to the unique needs and goals of your non-profit.

Learn more about our packages here.

You Talk, We’ll Listen

Being a senior non-profit leader does not have to mean working in a stressful silo. Please schedule a consultation to walk us through your current situation and future dreams. We are eager for knowledge, extremely curious by nature and have a keen eye for detail. It’s our greatest desire to help you grow and succeed. We look forward to it!

Case Study Video - Louisiana SPCA

Alicia Parr shares a brief story of how Performentor has supported Louisiana SPCA with their fluctuating HR needs.
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Play Video

Case Study Video - Louisiana SPCA

Alicia Parr shares a brief story of how Performentor has supported Louisiana SPCA with their fluctuating HR needs.

See What Our Clients Have to Say

They are my extra set of eyes. A resource who assists in prioritizing the health of our team while ensuring we are able to continuously improve our internal HR processes.

Kelly Rowell
CEO, Council for Entrepreneurial Development

I have been partnering with Performentor for 5+ years to support Laxton’s nonprofit clients. Performentor continues to bring retained and just-in-time human resource and employee relations support solutions to me and my clients – from reviewing/improving existing policies and practices to serving as a thought-partner for our CEOs.

Wendy Laxton
 Founder and President
Laxton CFO Services

Performentor’s support for me, our executive team and mid level managers here has been phenomenal. They have helped free up our time so we can truly focus on core business activities which is SUCH an opportunity gain. Not only did we gain access to a huge knowledge base in Performentor’s full stack and fractional team, we gained time internally needed to handle other pressing issues.

“A rising tide lifts all boats.” “I would liken this to when you bring in a new entity such as a new employee who is a star performer. When you bring in an entity who is just a bit further ahead on their path, they elevate everything else around them. Engaging Performentor has elevated everything we do related to people.”

Kim Janzen
President and CEO
SPCA of Wake County

I have always gotten the level of support needed. I will forever sing Performentor’s praises and I am not easily satisfied. When I pay for a certain level of service, I expect that level of service. They have always given me what I needed.

Davan Cloninger
Executive Director at Nevins

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We’re not your standard blocking and tackling HR professionals, therefore, we’re quite easy to talk to and level with. Schedule a consultation with us if you’re seeking an HR partnership and ready to Unleash People Energy™ to propel your team’s growth. Whether you need us for an hour or a standing meeting to build and run the leanest and simplest people practices, we’ve got you!

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