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Planning HR Goals

14 Steps To Take When Setting 2023 HR Related Resolutions

How to Set HR Goals for 2023 14 Actions to Take in 2023 for Employers and Human Resources Want to perfect your charcuterie board building skills? Perhaps drinking more water daily or taking less selfies are on your New Year’s resolution list? Just as individuals resolve to change and improve, businesses need to create resolutions.

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Family Friendly Benefits - will help save you the turnover cost

Family Friendly Benefits and Why They Matter

If you haven’t seen the turnover rate on companies that have bad benefits, you might want to read this. How can businesses become friendlier? We are not talking about greeting customers with a smile, offering free samples or saying “thank you.” We are referring to businesses implementing benefits, practices and policies that support employees to

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Tips to Improve Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion For Your Small Businesses

Most small businesses feel like the only way to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace is through hiring. This means small businesses may not have as many chances to recognize DEI—but that’s not necessarily the case. Smaller companies can also promote DEI among their existing workforce. DE&I cannot feel like or be communicated

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6 Ways to Improve Remote Team Productivity Without Being Creepy

Remember the “good old days” when you could see people in their cubes so you could tell they were working? Wrong! Seeing people with your eyes doesn’t guarantee their productivity and performance. But with Performentor, it’s obvious that having a fully remote team racks up our salary expense while having a negative impact on productivity.

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Motivating & Aligning Your Team – A Simple Framework

Human beings respond to communication that takes on the structure of a purpose-driven story. It has to feel real. It generates a future image of a better future. It unifies. If you want to get those outcomes from a talk that you are giving, or an announcement that you are writing, USE THIS PROCESS. If

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A Roadmap for Your Business’ Growth

Your business is growing and you want to keep the momentum going. Tomorrow you will hire your ninth employee, but someday soon you hope to hire your 99th. While each new hire presents unique challenges and opportunities, what we at Performentor have found is that there are key similarities in the challenges and decision points

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Solving the Values-in-Business Mystery

You’ve seen it happen again and again. You are debating with your team on how to solve a big, hairy problem. After much deliberation, you see one solution as best. Another leader sees a different solution as ideal. And here you thought you two were all synced up on your goals. What the heck do

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We’re Called People, People.

Not too long ago, I was at an HR event with HR speakers.  It was a good event, well attended, but there was something that really bothered me.  It kept showing up in the fine lines between the big ideas.  It showed up shod in steel-toed boots with pointy heels, when comfortable shoes would have

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A Tale of Two Culture Change Interventions

Companies look to change and evolve their cultures for several reasons.  Strategy upshift, generational factors, unattended culture degradation, mergers & acquisitions, and turnaround scenarios. Below are two culture change stories we all see.

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