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If you are serious about strategically utilizing your people and culture to differentiate and grow your business, then I highly recommend Performentor. Alicia and her team have helped Chapel Hill Tire successfully create the systems and infrastructure to more fully develop our people to scale up our business AND more fully engage our team at the same time.

Marc Pons
President at Chapel Hill Tire

It was after having more talks with Alicia that I understood the full capabilities of Performentor and am already talking about other project work. I must admit that before all of this, I had a lack of appreciation for all the pieces of HR. As someone with a chemistry background, I am always looking for the “science” piece of everything. I liked that Performentor’s solution included people science, not just the policy side of HR. Lois has become part of the team, not just the consultant.

Lisa Simutami
Chief Operating Officer at Ipas

Performentor is an HR business partner that provides us customized solutions based on a deep understanding of our vision, culture, and values.  While we have used Performentor and its team of diverse skill sets at different price points for specific, targeted projects successfully, we appreciate the additional value provided by having a true partner who brings an objective and independent voice based on many years of experience across a diverse set of clients.  Performentor is a trusted resource that delivers practical and actionable business solutions putting our interests above all else.

Alan Etkin
President and General Counsel
Vascular Wellness

Performentor’s support for me, our executive team and mid level managers here has been phenomenal. They have helped free up our time so we can truly focus on core business activities which is SUCH an opportunity gain. Not only did we gain access to a huge knowledge base in Performentor’s full stack and fractional team, we gained time internally needed to handle other pressing issues.

“A rising tide lifts all boats.” “I would liken this to when you bring in a new entity such as a new employee who is a star performer. When you bring in an entity who is just a bit further ahead on their path, they elevate everything else around them. Engaging Performentor has elevated everything we do related to people.”

Kim Janzen
President and CEO
SPCA of Wake County

They demonstrated responsiveness to our needs and conversation about how we needed to do what we were doing AND they listened. It was clear the team was committed to this project and it was just not “another” contract in their eyes.

Lisa Finaldi
Community Engagement Leader
NC Early Childhood Foundation

Jim’s knowledge and experience helping businesses improve their overall internal culture as well as assisting owners/managers navigate the HR side of things has been a tremendous asset and I would recommend it to anyone.

Blake Zalcberg
Owner at OSHA Thai Kitchen and Sushi

Everything is unique in a startup and we don’t have the knowledge to teach someone HR on the job. So it’s critical to find upper level HR support. We couldn’t find that “diamond in the rough” HR leader who had the right mix of experience but only wanted to be part time. Performentor is designed to do that and it was a great alternative.” We have a standing meeting with Amy where she throws out things we need to do, she looks for gaps and guides us through it. She creates things. She has the experience to solve problems we bring up and the knowledge to bring things to our attention before they become problems.

Galen Robertson
Chief Operating Officer at 410 Medical

Alicia, the Principal, coaches me from the human growth lens. In Performentor, she has built an approach that serves as a culture definer and strategy builder. I am an operations and sales guy and I don’t speak that language. If you don’t have a strong trusted HR voice in your executive room, you are missing a significant portion of the argument. Our problem was that we did not KNOW we were missing it. The Performentor perspective is not that of a normal HR person –it’s like HR is the wrong word. I think of HR as compliance first and conflict resolution second. I would never have considered the idea of how do we develop our people? as HR. I would have thought about that as management or leadership development.

Chase Hazelwood
CEO at Go-Forth Pest Control

They are my extra set of eyes. A resource who assists in prioritizing the health of our team while ensuring we are able to continuously improve our internal HR processes.

Kelly Rowell
CEO, Council for Entrepreneurial Development

I have always gotten the level of support needed. I will forever sing Performentor’s praises and I am not easily satisfied. When I pay for a certain level of service, I expect that level of service. They have always given me what I needed.

Davan Cloninger
Executive Director at Nevins

I’ve come to rely on Kathryn and Performentor’s ability to quickly assess situations and present a series of viable solutions to pick from. Unlike many subject matter experts, Kathryn has taken the time to learn our business from the plant-floor to the boardroom. Without exaggeration, I know that working with Performentor ties directly to our bottom-line performance.

Kevin McConnaghy
CEO at Automated Solutions

As an executive in a small, venture-funded biotech firm, I appreciate the support we get from Alicia and Performentor as a sounding board for team relations, policy, and compliance. Having an expert in our corner who knows the team and our business goals is tremendously helpful and gives our CEO and I peace of mind.

Roberto Alfaro
COO/CFO at Camras Vision

We began working with Performentor when we had about 20 employees and have rapidly tripled in size since then. Alicia and Performentor have continuously helped make people issues simple and in line with our core values throughout our growth, enhancing their offering with part-time recruiting support and seamlessly transitioning to in-house staff. I look forward to continuing to benefit from Performentor expertise as we continue to grow.

Bart Bartlett
CEO at DemandZen

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