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Business IS People. And their Behavior.

Are you one of those people who says things like, “we should make a trade-off between the people and the business?”  I think we’ve all said something like that before, maybe even recently.  It seems like a reasonable question to consider doesn’t it? Or does it? Let’s think about this differently.  What if we regard

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Entrepreneurs, Freedom, and Growth

Are you an entrepreneur? I am. I love freedom. Don’t you? That’s why we entrepreneurs start our own thing. We want to chart our own course. We want to do it our way– a better way. We want…freedom. Why else would we go to all this trouble and introduce risk to our lives? So we start

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Planning HR Goals

14 Steps To Take When Setting 2023 HR Related Resolutions

How to Set HR Goals for 2023 14 Actions to Take in 2023 for Employers and Human Resources Want to perfect your charcuterie board building skills? Perhaps drinking more water daily or taking less selfies are on your New Year’s resolution list? Just as individuals resolve to change and improve, businesses need to create resolutions.

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6 Ways to Improve Remote Team Productivity Without Being Creepy

Remember the “good old days” when you could see people in their cubes so you could tell they were working? Wrong! Seeing people with your eyes doesn’t guarantee their productivity and performance. But with Performentor, it’s obvious that having a fully remote team racks up our salary expense while having a negative impact on productivity.

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