Small Businesses with Occasional, Intermittent Needs

Small businesses are nimble and dynamic. Picture a team of 1 to 15, where everyone does a bit of everything. Budgets are tight, every penny counts. When it comes to HR, these small businesses have specific needs, but they're sporadic.

Common HR Themes.

The leader, often the founder, is the pivot in a micro business. They’re usually on top of things but sometimes, they hit a snag. It’s not just about knowing what to do. It’s the fear of the unknown – what they don’t know they don’t know. That’s where stress creeps in. 

Intermittent HR needs come and go and span a wide range of needs. Below are some common examples.

Hiring is occasional – maybe a full-timer, maybe an intern. A big question mark is benefits. Should they offer them? How to choose the right partner, figure out costs, and roll them out?

Performance issues can silently choke a business. They need tackling, but it’s tricky. Choosing and setting up HR systems, like PEOs or HRIS, is another puzzle. Compliance, policy updates, and mission statements aren’t just formalities; they’re essential but daunting.

It’s about keeping the team united and engaged. They need practical solutions for employee relations, team-building, and pay analysis. Developing standard operating procedures (SOPs), feedback systems, and training – it’s all in a day’s work. And let’s not forget the legal stuff – I-9 compliance, for instance.

Then there’s the challenge of modernizing the old ways. Tech solutions are a lifeline, but which ones? How to implement them?

These small, micro businesses are a unique breed. They operate on instinct and agility, often successfully. But when HR challenges pop up, they need smart, simple solutions – tools and advice that cut through the complexity and keep the business humming.

How We Can Help.

We’ve got flexible billing models to fit your unique needs.

Prepaid Hours. This package option is perfect for when your support needs are a bit unpredictable. Think 10 hours one month, none the next, maybe just a few after that. Ideal for times when you’re heavy on recruiting, need some managerial coaching, or face sudden employee issues. It’s versatile – covering a wide range of needs as they come up.

Projects. Then, there’s our Project offerings. These are tailor-made for you. Need a handbook? We’ll craft one that’s straightforward, minimal, and echoes your culture. Planning for the future? Our HR Immersion process pinpoints the key areas to focus on in the next year or two.

And if it’s some Compensation Analysis you need, we’ve got you covered. We can do a streamlined review of all roles, or zoom in on one or two critical ones, checking them against the market. It’s all about giving you the insight you need, in the way that works best for you.

Learn more about our packages here.

Case Study: Small Business CRO Confidential

Here’s a brief case study about one of our smaller, but growing clients. They are a contract research organization based in the Carolinas. Founder and CEO, Alicia Parr, describes their main challenges and how we’ve helped.
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Play Video

Case Study: Small Business CRO Confidential

Here’s a brief case study about one of our smaller, but growing clients. They are a contract research organization based in the Carolinas. Founder and CEO, Alicia Parr, describes their main challenges and how we’ve helped.

See What Our Clients Have to Say

They are my extra set of eyes. A resource who assists in prioritizing the health of our team while ensuring we are able to continuously improve our internal HR processes.

Kelly Rowell
CEO, Council for Entrepreneurial Development

I have been partnering with Performentor for 5+ years to support Laxton’s nonprofit clients. Performentor continues to bring retained and just-in-time human resource and employee relations support solutions to me and my clients – from reviewing/improving existing policies and practices to serving as a thought-partner for our CEOs.

Wendy Laxton
 Founder and President
Laxton CFO Services

Performentor’s support for me, our executive team and mid level managers here has been phenomenal. They have helped free up our time so we can truly focus on core business activities which is SUCH an opportunity gain. Not only did we gain access to a huge knowledge base in Performentor’s full stack and fractional team, we gained time internally needed to handle other pressing issues.

“A rising tide lifts all boats.” “I would liken this to when you bring in a new entity such as a new employee who is a star performer. When you bring in an entity who is just a bit further ahead on their path, they elevate everything else around them. Engaging Performentor has elevated everything we do related to people.”

Kim Janzen
President and CEO
SPCA of Wake County

I have always gotten the level of support needed. I will forever sing Performentor’s praises and I am not easily satisfied. When I pay for a certain level of service, I expect that level of service. They have always given me what I needed.

Davan Cloninger
Executive Director at Nevins

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