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HR Topics for the Small to Medium Size Business Owner

Business IS People. And their Behavior.

Are you one of those people who says things like, “we should make a trade-off between the people and the business?”  I think we’ve all said something like that before, maybe even recently.  It seems like a reasonable question to consider doesn’t it? Or does it? Let’s think about this differently.  What if we regard

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Top 3 Reasons Your Startup Could Use Some HR

As the owner of a fractional HR services firm, you might think I am inclined to overestimate the value of HR for a small organization.  “When is the right time to add HR?” and “Isn’t HR expensive?” are questions frequently posed to us and ones that we were reminded of during CED’s recent Venture Connect

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Entrepreneurs, Freedom, and Growth

Are you an entrepreneur? I am. I love freedom. Don’t you? That’s why we entrepreneurs start our own thing. We want to chart our own course. We want to do it our way– a better way. We want…freedom. Why else would we go to all this trouble and introduce risk to our lives? So we start

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Employee Wellbeing as a Top Business Strategy

Wellbeing has become an important element to consider in today’s workplace. Wellbeing is defined as the overall mental, physical, emotional, and economic health of employees. According to recent research, wellbeing is influenced by various factors such as employees’ relationships with co-workers, their decisions, and the tools and resources to which they have access. According to

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image of a tech savvy HR manager using technology and the best hr practices to help a company build smart and practical HR policies.

People Science

Practicing HR with a People Science Mindset Performentor practices human resources (HR) and team development with a People Science mindset. This is one way we set ourselves apart from alternative service providers. Let’s talk about what we mean by People Science and why it’s useful. What is People Science? There is a field of behavior

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Transcript – Heuristic Podcast with Tobi Walter

Below is the transcript of the Trust Heuristic Podcast with Tobi Walter about human nature and incentives. You can find the video podcast here on Youtube. Alicia Parr: Hi, this is Alicia Parr with Performentor and another Heuristic podcast. Today we’re talking to Tobi Walter. Tobi is a venture capitalist with Co-Founders Capital, and he’s

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employee termination can be handled ethically to produce a better result for both parties.

Employee Termination Best Practices

Practical Employee Termination Best Practices You can’t be prepared for every situation, but if you follow these simple steps, it will make this process go smoother for both sides. Something to review before the meeting This article is a good overview on Employee Termination Best Practices. Here are the tips for a quick reminder, but if

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Planning HR Goals

14 Steps To Take When Setting 2023 HR Related Resolutions

How to Set HR Goals for 2023 14 Actions to Take in 2023 for Employers and Human Resources Want to perfect your charcuterie board building skills? Perhaps drinking more water daily or taking less selfies are on your New Year’s resolution list? Just as individuals resolve to change and improve, businesses need to create resolutions.

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Family Friendly Benefits - will help save you the turnover cost

Family Friendly Benefits and Why They Matter

If you haven’t seen the turnover rate on companies that have bad benefits, you might want to read this. How can businesses become friendlier? We are not talking about greeting customers with a smile, offering free samples or saying “thank you.” We are referring to businesses implementing benefits, practices and policies that support employees to

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Tips to Improve Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion For Your Small Businesses

Most small businesses feel like the only way to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace is through hiring. This means small businesses may not have as many chances to recognize DEI—but that’s not necessarily the case. Smaller companies can also promote DEI among their existing workforce. DE&I cannot feel like or be communicated

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Trust Heuristics — the Books & the Podcast

Why Your Business Needs Strong Trust Heuristics By using this process, you can prevent other problems from occurring. The Trust Algorithm and Other Rules of Thumb Building company culture and strong teams starts with one simple component — trust. To better understand this concept of building trust, a business owner must be able to convert

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