Unleash People Energy™ What It Is And Why It Matters

We provide fractional human resources using our Unleash People Energy™ Framework for Human Resources that helps business owners, founders, and business leaders create dynamic workplaces that propel growth.

Our proprietary framework is administered through a powerful collection of people energy principles. These principles challenge long-held beliefs that organizations must make painful people/profit tradeoffs in order to be successful.

Performentor challenges and replaces these types of beliefs with purposeful, people-centric organizational reframes from our Unleash People Energy™ framework. The result? Engaged and empowered workplaces where great people are energized to do great work.

Flexible, On Point HR

The good news is, we are not the HR police and we are more than just a handbook! We are human resource (HR) advisors-with-a-plan who provide fractional, full-stack, strategic HR opportunities.

What is Fractional, Full-Stack HR?

Your business is ever-changing and usually that change is impatient. We bring the right level of support exactly when it’s needed (fractional HR) to your organization’s rapidly evolving needs, tackling the most pressing issues first. Sometimes that looks like strategic advice from an organizational engineer, other times it’s an expert eye to resolve a hard-to-fix people problem. Because the needed expertise doesn’t all reside in one person, full-stack HR provides you with a team of well-suited expert collaborators.


Startup Businesses

In the startup world, it’s fast, furious, and relentless. Think small teams, big dreams. Picture 5 to 25 people, all juggling more than one job. Budgets? They’re roller coasters. Founders are the heart and brain of the organization. Initially, they’re the makeshift HR. 

Small Businesses

Small, micro businesses are nimble and dynamic. Picture a team of 1 to 15, where everyone does a bit of everything. Budgets are tight, every penny counts. When it comes to HR, these small businesses have specific needs, but they’re sporadic.

Family Businesses

Family businesses – they’re unique. Think private companies run by families, sometimes for generations. These businesses, they’re like any other in terms of basic needs. But there’s a twist – working with family, often across generations. That’s the special sauce, and also the challenge.

Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations, whether micro, small, or mid-sized – they’re in a league of their own. Their focus? Social good, benefitting society. But like any organization, they’re powered by people, and when you have people, you have HR needs.

Mid-sized Organizations w/ Internal HR

When you think of mid-sized firms, think 100 to 1000 employees. These businesses run lean, with about one HR pro for every 100 people. Having a fully staffed HR team doesn’t always mean the team has the capacity to get all the important things done. 

About Us | HR Compliance, Curiosity & Company Culture

Endlessly curious about how people work and perform as individuals and in groups, we were founded by Alicia Parr. She has created a team of people scientists, entrepreneurs and business strategists who know HR mechanics really well but also get the importance of company culture when driving the growth of any organization.

Mission: Unleash People Energy™ to Propel Growth.

We use our knowledge about compliance to support people’s performance rather than undermining it. What makes us entrepreneur-friendly is that we are human resource professionals made up of on-the-ground experts and strategic thinkers. Post triage, we help you unleash expertise, innovation, and vital energy so that you are better positioned for expansion.

People Science & The Trust Algorithm

Traditional views often see Human Resources as cost minimizers. Performentor says the people of the business ARE the business! Growing in the way you’d like to grow should not be a tradeoff between the people and the business. We help you implement “the trust algorithm” (a.k.a. the magic pixie fairy dust) to help you accomplish this.

The more accountability, authority, and capability are synced up for each and every role in an organization, the greater the trust.

Looking at the Whole (People) Picture

Trust is the foundation AND the glue. It’s the connective tissue of your organization. Why? Because the people who work for you and with you are whole people. It’s the lack of trust that costs money due to the steps you’ll take to compensate for the lack of trust (Steven Covey, author of Speed of Trust).
The same is true for how we treat you and earn your trust. Our job is to be the coach who proactively helps with seeing blindspots, providing suggestions and implementing those suggestions which you feel complement your mission.

See What Our Clients Have to Say

They are my extra set of eyes. A resource who assists in prioritizing the health of our team while ensuring we are able to continuously improve our internal HR processes.

Kelly Rowell
CEO, Council for Entrepreneurial Development

I have been partnering with Performentor for 5+ years to support Laxton’s nonprofit clients. Performentor continues to bring retained and just-in-time human resource and employee relations support solutions to me and my clients – from reviewing/improving existing policies and practices to serving as a thought-partner for our CEOs.

Wendy Laxton
 Founder and President
Laxton CFO Services

Performentor’s support for me, our executive team and mid level managers here has been phenomenal. They have helped free up our time so we can truly focus on core business activities which is SUCH an opportunity gain. Not only did we gain access to a huge knowledge base in Performentor’s full stack and fractional team, we gained time internally needed to handle other pressing issues.

“A rising tide lifts all boats.” “I would liken this to when you bring in a new entity such as a new employee who is a star performer. When you bring in an entity who is just a bit further ahead on their path, they elevate everything else around them. Engaging Performentor has elevated everything we do related to people.”

Kim Janzen
President and CEO
SPCA of Wake County

I have always gotten the level of support needed. I will forever sing Performentor’s praises and I am not easily satisfied. When I pay for a certain level of service, I expect that level of service. They have always given me what I needed.

Davan Cloninger
Executive Director at Nevins

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We’re not your standard blocking and tackling HR professionals, therefore, we’re quite easy to talk to and level with. Schedule a consultation with us if you’re seeking an HR partnership and ready to Unleash People Energy™ to propel your team’s growth. Whether you need us for an hour or a standing meeting to build and run the leanest and simplest people practices, we’ve got you!

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