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In the startup world, it's fast, furious, and relentless. Think small teams, big dreams. Picture 5 to 25 people, all juggling more than one job. Budgets? They’re roller coasters. Money comes in waves, often from angels and VCs.

Founders are the heart and brain of the organization. Initially, they're the makeshift HR. They handle it all – hiring, employee drama, shaping leaders. But as growth kicks in, the HR load skyrockets. It becomes a “bit too much.”

Common HR Themes

At some point in the growth journey, the HR duties can become overwhelming and complex. Founders are typically responsible for HR by default, and over time the load gets heavier. A few common themes are described below.

Culture is key. These startups crave an electric atmosphere, innovation without the red tape. But growing fast brings HR headaches. We’re talking recruiting, onboarding, and the works. Policy-making, benefits, handling pay, and keeping communication lines buzzing. It’s about creating a vibe, a place people love to work at.

Tech solutions are their go-to. They lean on PEOs, HRIS systems. Why? Because they need smart, quick fixes. Compliance is a silent watchdog, always lurking. Founders need to play it safe but stay agile.

Internal talk isn’t just chit-chat. It’s strategic. It’s about keeping everyone on the same page, fired up, and focused. Mission statements? They’re not fluff. They’re the startup’s DNA. Handling employees isn’t just management; it’s about building a winning team.

In this world, it’s adapt or die. Every day is a hustle. Every decision is a gamble. But that’s the thrill. In chaos and challenge, startups thrive, reinvent, and disrupt. That’s the startup life – unpredictable, exciting, a roller coaster that just keeps going.

How We Can Help

Fractional Stacks. Think of it as fine-tuning your HR. You’ve got some HR smarts in-house, but need a bit more. That’s where our Fractional Stack solution fits in. It zeroes in on your specific HR needs, filling the gaps with precision. Got policy and compliance sorted but struggling with employee engagement or performance management? We step in, targeting just what you need, adding maximum value where it matters.

Prepaid Hours. Ideal for fluctuating HR needs or when you want to free up your leaders from HR hassles. This option gives you a bank of hours to use as you need, offering flexibility and peace of mind. It’s about having that extra HR muscle on standby, ready when you are.

Projects. Perfect for when you have specific goals in mind. Maybe it’s crafting a new handbook, conducting an HR immersion for future planning, or getting a grip on compensation analysis as you scale. Our projects are customizable, and designed to tackle your particular challenges head-on.

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You Talk, We’ll Listen

Being a small business owner does not have to mean working in a stressful silo. Please schedule a consultation to walk us through your current situation and future dreams. We are eager for knowledge, extremely curious by nature and have a keen eye for detail. It’s our greatest desire to help you grow and succeed. We look forward to it!

Case Study: 410 Medical

CEO and Founder, Alicia Parr, shares the case story of 410 Medical, one of the many startup businesses we support.
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Case Study: LogistiVIEW

Alicia Parr, CEO & Founder of Performentor, shares a case study of two startups with the same owner– Accelogix and LogistiVIEW. We share the challenges that led to engaging Performentor and describe how our solution meets their needs the best.
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See What Our Clients Have to Say

They are my extra set of eyes. A resource who assists in prioritizing the health of our team while ensuring we are able to continuously improve our internal HR processes.

Kelly Rowell
CEO, Council for Entrepreneurial Development

I have been partnering with Performentor for 5+ years to support Laxton’s nonprofit clients. Performentor continues to bring retained and just-in-time human resource and employee relations support solutions to me and my clients – from reviewing/improving existing policies and practices to serving as a thought-partner for our CEOs.

Wendy Laxton
 Founder and President
Laxton CFO Services

Performentor’s support for me, our executive team and mid level managers here has been phenomenal. They have helped free up our time so we can truly focus on core business activities which is SUCH an opportunity gain. Not only did we gain access to a huge knowledge base in Performentor’s full stack and fractional team, we gained time internally needed to handle other pressing issues.

“A rising tide lifts all boats.” “I would liken this to when you bring in a new entity such as a new employee who is a star performer. When you bring in an entity who is just a bit further ahead on their path, they elevate everything else around them. Engaging Performentor has elevated everything we do related to people.”

Kim Janzen
President and CEO
SPCA of Wake County

I have always gotten the level of support needed. I will forever sing Performentor’s praises and I am not easily satisfied. When I pay for a certain level of service, I expect that level of service. They have always given me what I needed.

Davan Cloninger
Executive Director at Nevins

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We’re not your standard blocking and tackling HR professionals, therefore, we’re quite easy to talk to and level with. Schedule a consultation with us if you’re seeking an HR partnership and ready to Unleash People Energy™ to propel your team’s growth. Whether you need us for an hour or a standing meeting to build and run the leanest and simplest people practices, we’ve got you!

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