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Are You Ready for 2024?

Do we really know what awaits us all in 2024? Forecasting the future is a popular pastime, but boy is It hard to get these guesses right. Sure, we know some things. We observe some things. We’ve seen this pattern before.  This is important information.  But we are fallible humans. We fool ourselves about what

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Business IS People. And their Behavior.

Are you one of those people who says things like, “we should make a trade-off between the people and the business?”  I think we’ve all said something like that before, maybe even recently.  It seems like a reasonable question to consider doesn’t it? Or does it? Let’s think about this differently.  What if we regard

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Entrepreneurs, Freedom, and Growth

Are you an entrepreneur? I am. I love freedom. Don’t you? That’s why we entrepreneurs start our own thing. We want to chart our own course. We want to do it our way– a better way. We want…freedom. Why else would we go to all this trouble and introduce risk to our lives? So we start

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People Science

Practicing HR with a People Science Mindset Performentor practices human resources (HR) and team development with a People Science mindset. This is one way we set ourselves apart from alternative service providers. Let’s talk about what we mean by People Science and why it’s useful. What is People Science? There is a field of behavior

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Transcript – Heuristic Podcast with Tobi Walter

Below is the transcript of the Trust Heuristic Podcast with Tobi Walter about human nature and incentives. You can find the video podcast here on Youtube. Alicia Parr: Hi, this is Alicia Parr with Performentor and another Heuristic podcast. Today we’re talking to Tobi Walter. Tobi is a venture capitalist with Co-Founders Capital, and he’s

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employee termination can be handled ethically to produce a better result for both parties.

Employee Termination Best Practices

Practical Employee Termination Best Practices You can’t be prepared for every situation, but if you follow these simple steps, it will make this process go smoother for both sides. Something to review before the meeting This article is a good overview on Employee Termination Best Practices. Here are the tips for a quick reminder, but if

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Transcript – Heuristic Podcast with Jess Kozma Proctor

Alicia Parr: Hi, this is Alicia with another Heuristic Podcast. And today we’re talking to Jessica Kozma Proctor. She’s the founder and managing director of North State Public Affairs and she operates at the intersection of government. And what would you say? Public relations, PR. You’re kind of a PR person. So you’re working with

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Transcript – Heuristic Podcast with Amy Rawls

Link to Heuristic Podcast – #14 – No One Right Way with Amy Rawls.  Alicia Parr: Hi, this is Alicia with Performentor and this is another Heuristic Podcast. And today we’re going to talk to Amy Rawls. Amy is an executive HR consultant with Performentor, she’s on the team. And she also has her own

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Transcript – Heuristic Podcast with Jim Bower

Link to Heuristic Podcast #9 – Sometimes There is One Right Way, but Probably Not This Time with Jim Bower. Alicia Parr: Hi, this is Alicia Parr with Performentor for another Heuristic Podcast. And today, I’m with Jim Bower. And Jim is the principal at the Bower Group. He is an exceptional strategist and a

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