Motivating & Aligning Your Team – A Simple Framework

Human beings respond to communication that takes on the structure of a purpose-driven story. It has to feel real. It generates a future image of a better future. It unifies. If you want to get those outcomes from a talk that you are giving, or an announcement that you are writing, USE THIS PROCESS. If you want it to work best, use each and every step. Good luck!

  1. Affirm and reiterate beliefs, principles & values.
  2. Look what we’ve accomplished. We’ve done great things together already.
    (Localize to the audience whenever possible.)
  3. Acknowledge near term and current challenges.
    (Don’t happy-talk like things aren’t bad if they are. If things are bad or hard, then they are bad and hard. Simple.)
    (If things are good, talk about the new challenges that lie ahead to take things to the next level)
  4. Emphasize WE are ONE.  We are in this together.
    AND we have more to do together. We will get through this together.
    (When things are bad and hard, we get through it by coming together. Together we get through this time. Together.)
  5. Create a believable image of the future, describe the longer view, which is positive even if the timeline is uncertain.
    (Just because things are bad and hard now, doesn’t mean they will always be bad and hard.)
  6. By adhering to our beliefs, principles, values and stick together, we’ll build that better future.
    (When we come together and use our creativity, love, and support of each other, we will not only make it through, we will create a future even better than before.  Together, we create a better future.)
  7. Gratitude.
    (Sincere gratitude binds teams, soothes anxiety, and is the balm that we can’t overdose on.)

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