Prepaid Hours Packages

WHAT. It’s simple: buy a block of hours to use with our Performentor consultants. These hours are yours to use whenever you need them, and they’re good for up to two years after you buy them.

WHY. Think of it as HR on your terms. Perfect for when your needs are unpredictable or come in waves. It’s a smart way to keep an eye on HR costs, using hours exactly when and how you need them.

WHO. This is a go-to choice for micro businesses. It suits those with changing, low-volume HR needs. It’s about having professional help without the commitment of a full-time team.

WHEN. Use these hours for a range of situations. Got a new hiring challenge? We’re here to help. Facing a team disagreement or an employee issue? We’ve got your back. Or maybe you need a hand with a specific project, like analyzing compensation or updating policies. Prepaid Hours are your flexible, ready-when-you-are HR solution.


Fractional Stacks Packages

WHAT. Fractional Stacks are a fixed fee model tailored to your organization’s size and specific needs. Our approach involves a comprehensive matrix covering all aspects of strategic HR. Plus, we’re flexible. As your needs change, so can our focus areas.

WHY. It’s about predictability and adaptability. You get a consistent monthly fee, easy to budget for, without sacrificing the flexibility and quality you need. Our goal is to align with your mission, prioritizing the people systems and strategies that propel your organization forward.

WHO. This model is ideal for businesses and non-profits with 20 or more team members. It’s designed for those who need regular, ongoing support each month.

WHEN. Perfect for when your organization hits that 20-employee mark and HR starts getting more complex. It’s also great for filling in those support gaps that your internal team can’t manage alone. We step in to ensure smooth HR operations as you grow and evolve.

Standalone Projects

WHAT. Standalone projects are great for specific, goal-oriented tasks like updating or creating handbooks, conducting people practices audits, mapping out processes, or custom projects aimed at driving strategic growth. These projects are all about making targeted, impactful changes, with a clear beginning and end.

WHY. Maybe your team is at a crossroads, unsure how to move forward with a key project like developing a training program or grooming new leaders. Or, you have a plan but the daily grind is eating up all your time and energy. Standalone Projects come in to break these logjams, providing focused, expert assistance to push through these crucial initiatives.

WHO. This is for businesses and nonprofits of any size that have clear, defined needs with a start and finish. It’s also ideal for organizations wanting to test the waters with Performentor, to see if we’re the right match for their ongoing requirements.

WHEN. It’s perfect for times like annual planning or when setting priorities for the year. We help map out and execute these priorities, ensuring they align with your values and mission. If midway through the year you realize you need extra help to meet your goals, or if you’re short-staffed and need interim support, Standalone Projects are the solution to keeping your momentum going and getting those key tasks across the finish line.

Coaching Services

WHAT. This is for the go-getters in your team – senior leaders, supervisors, executives. Those aiming to boost their performance, in their current role and for their future career. Our coaching services use a principles-based approach, tailored to diverse needs and learning styles. We seek to match the right coach for each coachee, to facilitate rapid learning and growth.

WHY. Perfect for high-potential team members gearing up for leadership roles. Or those newly minted leaders needing a hand to sharpen their managerial skills. It’s also ideal for top execs – CEOs, Presidents – who could use an executive coach as a sounding board through their growth journey.

WHO. Leaders and leaders-in-the-making. This is for any business or non-profit, big or small, that values continuous learning and development.

WHEN. When old methods don’t cut it anymore due to growth and team changes. It’s for new leaders, those on their way up, and executives needing that extra edge.

People Science & Process Mapping

WHAT. In addition to HR experts, our team also has behavior science specialists. This enables us to bring you “people science” – a unique blend of scientific insight and practical HR expertise. It’s about guiding team members to align their behavior with the organization’s purpose and their own personal development.

WHY. If your current solutions aren’t boosting team performance, it’s time for a change. Growing companies often outgrow their old processes and methods. We offer solutions that scale with you and work with human nature, not against it.

WHO. Ideal for organizations that value science-based approaches and are keen on implementing effective, lasting changes. If your core values embrace smart, science-friendly solutions, this is for you.

WHEN. People science is always relevant, but it’s especially crucial when conventional methods haven’t delivered the desired results. For organizations in the midst of scaling, it’s a great way to mindfully add structure without loading up the team with excessive bureaucracy.

Below is a chart that shows how our different billing options compare to each other and other common HR support alternatives.

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