HR Services for Small Businesses

We apply “people science” to your small business...without stepping on toes.

Consult. Retain(er). Drive Sustainable Growth. Repeat.

At this stage, you may have more questions than answers. Are you wondering how to scale? When to hire? At what pace to grow?
There are a whole lot of services we provide to help our small business clients but you’re all unique and deserve personalized attention. One thing most of you have in common is that you’re going about 100 miles per hour. Growth happens quickly for small businesses and, like a good coach, Performentor knows exactly when to be hands-on and when to involve you in coauthoring the right solutions for your organization.

Retainers of All Shapes and Sizes

Each business we work with is at a different phase with varying needs. Some need coaching while others need tactical help or strategical planning. One business might only need to retain us for a few hours for one instance while another relies on us more heavily and frequently. Our job is to fill in those gaps (we can help you find them too if needed) without stepping on your toes, no matter how big or small.

You Talk, We’ll Listen

Being a small business owner does not have to mean working in a stressful silo. Please schedule a consultation to walk us through your current situation and future dreams. We are eager for knowledge, extremely curious by nature and have a keen eye for detail. It’s our greatest desire to help you grow and succeed. We look forward to it!

See What Our Clients Have to Say

I’ve come to rely on Kathryn and Performentor’s ability to quickly assess situations and present a series of viable solutions to pick from. Unlike many subject matter experts, Kathryn has taken the time to learn our business from the plant-floor to the boardroom. Without exaggeration, I know that working with Performentor ties directly to our bottom-line performance.

Kevin McConnaghy
CEO at Automated Solutions

If you are serious about strategically utilizing your people and culture to differentiate and grow your business, then I highly recommend Performentor. Alicia and her team have helped Chapel Hill Tire successfully create the systems and infrastructure to more fully develop our people to scale up our business AND more fully engage our team at the same time.

Marc Pons
President at Chapel Hill Tire

As an executive in a small, venture-funded biotech firm, I appreciate the support we get from Alicia and Performentor as a sounding board for team relations, policy, and compliance. Having an expert in our corner who knows the team and our business goals is tremendously helpful and gives our CEO and I peace of mind.

Roberto Alfaro
COO/CFO at Camras Vision

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We’re not your standard blocking and tackling HR professionals, therefore, we’re quite easy to talk to and level with. Schedule a consultation with us if you’re seeking an HR partnership for the long haul. Whether you need us for an hour or a standing meeting to build and run the leanest and simplest people practices, we’ve got you!
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